Wednesday, March 03, 2004

To include your box on this page for a "check-up" or maintenance, please email me with the specifics. Other areas of the country will be added as reports come in.



Nearest Town: Rockport, MA
Box: Bull Frog Pond
Owner: Turtle McQ
Problem: Hole in cover and water leaking into box; needs new tupperware container or at least a new zip lock bag to drop the box into.
Result: Turtle McQ took an unexpected trip to Rockport and repaired this box. This patient is released!!

New Hampshire

Nearest Town: Sunapee, NH
Box: Rose Mary's Shower
Problem: Would someone please check this box to see if it is ok.
Result: This box is reported fine and intact as of August 24, 2004 by CT TrAAveler.
This patient is released!!

Rhode Island

Nearest Town: Middletown, RI
Box: Fond Farewell
Owner: The Drew Clan
Problem: The first letterbox, at Gray Crag, could really use a logbook replacement if anyone is heading that way.



Nearest Town: Gettysburg, PA
Box: Barb of the Hook
Owner: Doublesaj & Old Blue
Problem: They have received reports that since the hurricane of last fall, this box is either missing or not able to be found. Could a finder from before the fall hurricane revisit the box, verify that it is missing and help them rewrite the clues? Anyone up to this challenge?


Nearest Town: Alexandria, VA
Box: Jones Point Lighthouse
Owner: Music Woman
Problem: Would someone, who has previously found the box, please check on it. There is a report that it is missing



Nearest Town: Orlando, FL
Box: Canaveral Marshes
Owner: The Drew Clan
Problem: This adoptee needs a new stamp and tupperware container. Hope someone will revive this patient!


Nearest Town: Baton Rouge, LA
Box: Geaux Tigers
Owner: Mama Bear
Problem: Please check this letterbox to be sure all is well. Thanks.



Nearest Town: Lewis & Clark Village, MO
Box: Lewis & Clark
Owner: Silent Eagle
Problem: A report has been received that this box could not be found. Would someone in the area please verify this and contact Silent Eagle or myself at the email link at the top of this page.
Result: I heard from Silent Eagle today with the great news that this box is alive and well; ready for its next visitors.
This patient is released!!!

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